Shred Hall of Fame Winners
Olivia Smith
Amy Haskell
Andy Haskell
Mona Williams
Alexa Licata
Kim Sullivan
Alan Levy
Tiffany Elliott
Rebecca Pedigo
Amy Rounds
Nicole Bush
Katie Nunes
Zach Perkins
Jenna McCarthy
Hannah Kochinskas
Erica Sheldrick
Sara Gagnon
Yancy Gowell
Coleen Gillam
Angela Gordon
Brynna Lawton
Dean Prentiss
Darlene Doane
Julie Torres
Amber Patterson
Jeremy Haskins
Nina Kendall
Joey Aiken
Karen Macintyre
Ryanne Schoonover
Merritt Schnipper

Let’s get Shredded! 

Shred is a biggest transformation challenge held 3-4 times per year. The Harty Shred is in the early Spring and is 6 weeks long. The Summer Shred is in August for 4 weeks and we have a Nutrition Shred in November and a New Year Fitness Shred in January.

This is NOT a biggest loser contest. Some of the past winners have lost a lot of weight but that is not necessarily the key to winning.

Shred is about trying new things, whether it be running a race, going to a spin class, joining a team challenge, etc. It’s about being part of something new and exciting. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone.  

Shred is also about making friendships and finding people who are like minded and have similar goals as yourself. Working out is always fun with friends!

Where other gyms might offer a biggest loser transformation contest, Flex Fitness stands alone in that this is an overall transformation. Flex Fitness will give you the tools to continue your fitness journey once Shred ends. Amy Schaefer is a NASM Certified Nutrition Consultant and can help you reach those weight loss goals. 

David Harty and Amy. The Spring Shred is named in memory of David who passed away from a brain tumor in March 2018. David was a valued member of the gym. He showed kindness and acceptance to all people with different abilities here at this gym. He is fondly remembered for his push-up challenge to anybody and everybody who would join him. He was a loving friend and is missed.